End of Match Procedure

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End of Match Procedure

Post  Kusig on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:23 am

What are the full end of Match Procedures along with the tiebreakers in order?


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Re: End of Match Procedure

Post  NosFurOught2 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:51 pm

I don't believe I've ever read an official answer to something like this.

In a normal scenario a tie is handled by 102.2 :

102.2 If multiple players achieve a win condition simultaneously, determine the winner as follows:
· The player who has exceeded his or her honor total by the most VPs wins.
· If there is still no winner, play continues until one player has exceeded his or her honor total by more VPs than any other.

I don't really know how to answer end of match procedure. Someone wins someone loses?

Every game can have it's own rules and conditions for example:

Realm Championship Map and Format

5v5 Highlander (No duplicate characters in a party)

Map: Tanaris - Thistleshrub Valley

Scoring: 4 VPs for destroying non-pet characters; 2 VPs for each non-pet character on or adjacent to the VP location at the end of ticks 5/10.

Special Rules: None

D-13.1 - Time Limit Adjustment for 5v5

The time limit for a 5v5 single-game match round is 60 minutes. Time limits for any single-elimination Top 8 bracket are as follows:

Quarterfinals 75 minutes
Semifinals 75 minutes
Finals 90 minutes

Since no special rules exist they will have to figure out what to do if a tie occurs or allow play to continue until someone exceeds their honor as stated above.

Hope this helps a bit since nothing official has come out that I know of

BenStoll did post this on the original forums but it was just a suggestion.


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Re: End of Match Procedure

Post  Toxziq on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:42 pm

In normal EOT procedures, this is how it's been ruled in appendix D of the Official UDE Tournament Policy Document:

1.) A player or team wins the match if he or she is closer in victory points to the total number of victory points that he or she needs to normally win.

2.) If both players or both teams are an equal number of victory points away from a win, each non-pet character scores 1 additional point for its party for each Victory Point location it is on or adjacent to. Totals are again compared to see who is closer to the total number of victory points that they need to normally win. The person or team closer to the victory point total needed for their party is the winner. In the case of one or both players or teams exceeding the number of victory points that they need to normally win, the person or team exceeding by more victory points is the winner.

3.) If both totals are either equal distance away from their victory point totals, or are both over the victory point totals by the same amount, the player or team whose party costs the most honor is the winner of the game.

4.) If both parties cost the same amount of honor, players tally damage on all characters they control with honor 1 or greater. The side that is has the most damage on their characters loses. It's possible that both players have equal amount of damage on their party. In this case, play continues until a damage change causes damage totals not to be equal. The player with the most damage on their characters loses.

Simultaneous Victory:
A player or team who exceeds their honor total by the most victory points wins. Otherwise, the winner is the person or team that scores the first victory point. It’s possible that during this time both players or teams score the same amount of simultaneous victory points. In this case, play continues as long as there is time in the round. If time is called, players should use the end-of-match procedure (D-14) to determine a winner.

Files are here:

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Re: End of Match Procedure

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