Why I love Warcraft miniatures

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Why I love Warcraft miniatures Empty Why I love Warcraft miniatures

Post  Crassus on Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:50 pm

Hello again,

Last post I decided to focus on the negative aspects of the game, the theme of the miniatures.
Just because someone printed a (slightly VERY STUPID!!!) picture of a guy called Beren Embersbane,
He now gets to be a (whatever that is) miniature Crying or Very sad (is he retarded? look at is face)

I will now share my thoughts on the good aspects (as I said before no problems with the mechanics of the gameplay, I like them, not as much as D&D or Star Wars miniatures, but with time...)
The Orc Warlock, he is great, really reminds me of an Orc warlock, if you start the game (WOW) has one you will understand what I mean, the only complaint here is that or he is a little bit oversized or the other Orcs like Thrall and Zomm and Azarak are Dwarf disguised as orcs... I wouldn't know of such things.
Graccus, I like it also, reminds me of a WOW paladin, big disproportioned sword (like swords should be in war craft), the shield, he is sweet
Rexxar is just perfect, props to the guy who sculpted and painted him.

The Blood Elves: the better faction in terms of variety and context, I like most of this guys and I can relate them either to Warcraft III or to WOW, congratulations on that too.

Last but not least, the Ogres cyclops ... they are amazing, (not the ninja one, that one sucks, I mean a ninja/rogue Ogre? Suspect yeah right! what next an Orc rogue? holy *$#/%, there is one, Zomm Hopeslayer?! wasn’t the rogue job better suited for trolls? yeah yeah i know you can choose to be whatever you whant, thats the point of the WOW game etc...blah blah) it reminds me of the old Warcraft 2 days... the good sweet memories.
Very Happy

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Why I love Warcraft miniatures Empty Re: Why I love Warcraft miniatures

Post  Toxziq on Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:04 pm

If by Ninja rogue Ogre you mean Dagg'um Ty'gor, he is awesome, and much fun!

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Why I love Warcraft miniatures Critshappensig

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