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Post  unpluggamer on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:53 am

I saw a wolf rider figure in the canceled set Souls of Vengeance. So this week I bought some beast figures from WoW minis and D&D to create some riders..

The hippogriff of D&D fits the rider perfectly, all I need to do is to cut the legs of the elf out (ouch!) and relocate them in the front.

Other riders, as you can see, simply cut and paste Smile

Some Mount Figures Dsc02810

Some Mount Figures Dsc02811

Some Mount Figures Dsc02812

Some Mount Figures Dsc02813

Some Mount Figures Dsc02814

I am thinking how to put them into the game, new status, or additional movement ability & power costing more honor?

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