Hi all, anyone have Maps or other files?

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Hi all, anyone have Maps or other files?

Post  rickbow on Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:51 pm

Hi all,

bought a Starter Kit and started playing recently, already got 4 or 5 Maps ready to print and plastify (tanaris, ashenvale, winterspring, arathi basin, alterac valley, and some warcraft 3 themed maps from Vassal Online WowMinis Mod which are Barrens, Northrend, Lordaeron).
My question is, does anyone pls have other Map image files to send me or know of websites for me to download them?
Do you have any other interesting files that you can send me, like these Raids or DungeonCrawls that i read about in other topics of the forum? Or other interesting files for this game?

Much apreciated! Thanks.


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